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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This weeks post, I am writing about self-worth and the impact low self esteem has on our lives. Low self-esteem seems to be a common thread among people addressing the challenges of mental illness. Additionally, my daughter who is facing challenges with mental illness has battled self-esteem issues. My goal in writing this post is to see my daughter, as well as others, embrace their individuality and to focus on their strengths. Many individuals facing challenges of mental illness have achieved great accomplishments and surpassed many goals. An example of a quality to be proud of is my daughter has a great singing voice and has participated in chorus and choir events. It is crucial to healing to, minimize your weaker areas, work toward self acceptance, and understand the diversity among humans. We are all beautiful and many of you have great talents; as you all have a lot to offer life. As you all probably know by now from my Twitter, I love quotes. Already in my post, is my absolute favorite quote, from Mahatma Ghandhi. "You must be the change you want to see in the world." I love those little bits of wisdom. A token of discernment and cognizance, suspended in time, forever, a memento of history. Like history speaking to us; some one's grandfather, grandmother, father, or mother, reminding us when values mattered. Quotes make us think about resilience, humility, and substance. This is about value of others and values of oneself. To exude self esteem, one must make an honest attempt to embody authenticity. To honestly capture the essence of self esteem, you must have willingness for transition. Andy Warhol was once quoted saying, "They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." Realizing your value and self-worth have nothing to do with how much money you have, how many toys you own, or what type of job you hold. You realize, it is about you. It is in direct relation to the person you are in life. If you have a healthy sense of self worth you tend to give others respect, love, and consideration. But how often do we give ourselves what is due? How you value yourself is based on the self-esteem you have. Your self-esteem shows you how much you truly value yourself and your relationship with others. A healthy self-esteem encourages, happiness, independence, flexibility, and the ability to adapt easily to change. Healthy self esteem is congruent with a positive outlook on Life. Unhealthy or low self-esteem on the other hand, encourages fear, unhappiness, defensiveness and illogical thoughts. It creates a negative outlook on life. Our image of ourselves has a lot to do with how others see us. If we are smiling, content, and radiate confidence, then we are someone others want to be around. If we respect ourselves, then others will also respect you. Identifying and strengthening your self-worth is all about developing your self-esteem. Below are the parallels of self esteem.

*High self-esteem*

If you have a high self-esteem you will see certain traits in yourself. Qualities associated with a high self-esteem or self-worth is.
* You are secure about who you are.
* You are confident in your abilities.
* You are comfortable being yourself around others.
*You don’t have challenges with intimacy in relationships.
*You forgive yourself for mistakes and also forgive others.

*Low self-esteem*

There are certain thought patterns and behaviours associated with low self-esteem. Identifying and reverting those qualities you see in yourself is the key to a new beginning.
* You lack belief in yourself.
* You are very insecure.
*You have problems showing and accepting intimacy in relationships
* You never show your true feelings.
* You never recognize and give yourself credit for your accomplishments.
* You have the inability to forgive yourself or others.
*You are very resistant to change

*Developing your self-worth*

Below you will find tips for developing and boosting your self-worth, as you work toward a more positive and healthy you.

* Don’t take Constructive criticism to heart.
* Instead find the lesson to be learned from it.
* Take time out for yourself.
* Realize your have good qualities.
* Change your less positive qualities into positive ones.
* Pride yourself on all your achievements and accomplishments.
* Do something you enjoy; take a walk in nature, enjoy an ice cream sundae, surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you.
* Do not focus on negative thoughts and feelings.

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  1. So true, and yet so easily said rather than done

    This is why the support of family and friends reinforcing the positive is so important to those of us who have mental health issues.

    For myself I know the days when I am 'up' I am invincible, and yet (paradoxically) that very quickly can be knocked down by a careless passing comment or harsh word. There is always the fear that one day I will be 'found out'. OK, that drives me to be rather good at what I do (which is great) but in my mind that is not seen that way.


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